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Train your dog’s natural talents with the help of an expert hand

About Us

Why train with us?

All you want and ever wanted is a dog that listens to you and behaves well anywhere you go; after all, who doesn’t? The problem is that you're not sure how to get there. Not only do you have to train it, but you also have to do it the right way if you don't want to end up with a problem dog that brings more stress than happiness for you and your family. 


You thought that after getting your dog or puppy, everything was going to be easy peasy, but after trying it on your own, you realized one fundamental truth: raising and training a great dog or puppy requires more than good intentions, and it can become a daunting task that will consume a lot of your limited time if you do it alone and don't know what you are doing.  

With the excess of information that exists today on how to train dogs, you may be wondering where do you start? Sure, you could read books and online articles. You can also choose to go down the rabbit hole on youtube watching conflicting videos all day, with no structure and no accountability, only to end up more confused, with unreliable results, and no dependable dog trainer available for you to ask questions to anytime you have one. Sound familiar?


At Thriving K9s, we make learning to raise, manage, and train your canine friend easier for you. You don't have to walk this path alone. Learn the most effective way to train your dog hands-on, get premium lifetime support, and 1-on-1 mentoring and see positive and effective results faster. Request a free consult below

"If you want to raise and train a great dog, you must first make a commitment to become a great dog owner".

Francisco A. Pérez


“Absolutely would recommend to anyone that is wanting to have well behaved dogs and dogs that listen to you instead of the dog ruling you! We sent one that was almost a year old that literally would not listen to anything we said to her and now she listens very well! They have followed up several times since and answered any questions I've had with no problem. I'm telling you it's well worth the money and time!”
- Tashia Blanks

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