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Our basic obedience program lays the proper foundation to raise a well-mannered and happy dog. This program is also the first step to prepare your dog well for any advanced or specialized dog training program you would like to pursue in the future.  It is like building a house step by step, but in this case, what you are building is your dog's character and attitude, the invisible foundation from which your canine friend will operate in life, regardless of the breed.

Often, people think dog training is just about teaching cues or tricks but it is not. Reducing dog training to that will only do greater damage to your dog and your relationship with him or her in the long run, and will also bring a lot of stress and unnecessary frustration to you.  In this program, we work closely with you to wake up the hidden champion lying dormant in your dog and to set him or her up for success. Here is what your dog will learn during the training, which can be completed through our 2-week board and train program or private lessons:

  • Marker training

  • Release cue

  • Target training

  • Audible and visual cues

  • Relational games

  • Focus and brain games

  • Here (Coming when called)

  • 180-Leave it

  • Spin/Turn

  • Sit-stay

  • Lay down from standing position 

  • Down-Stay

  • Settle (The place command)

  • Socialization skills with people and other dogs

  • Self-control and problem-solving skills 

  • Loose leash walking

  • Work attitude and will learn to enjoy training


  1. You get LIFETIME support and also private mentoring through which you learn how dogs think and how to effectively communicate with them.

  2. You get six private lessons (30-45 minutes in length) customized to the needs of your dog

  3. 15 % discount on any of our current and future training programs after you signup

  4. Special boarding price of $ 25 dollars per day when you need travel and need someone to care for your dog. When boarding with us, we continue to reinforce and practice what your dog has learned.

  5. We address different dog behaviors problems at this level

  6. Exclusive training material to help your dog succeed

  7. More value for your money

  8. We provide all the treats during the training lessons

  9. After finishing this program, your pup (under 1 year of age) will be prepared to take the test to earn the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy distinction, the first stepping stone to unlock your dog's potential.

  10. This obedience program also introduces your dog to the pre-requisites for the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test from the American Kennel Club.


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