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Giving up is not the way. There is potential inside your dog. Let us help you discover how to get it out


Dog Behavior problems?

We have no doubts you love and care a lot about your dog's wellbeing. Like any dog owner, you want a pup that listens at all times, that is friendly, doesn't drag you on the leash, and won't chew on furniture or bark at strangers. You don't want your dog running off into the woods and getting lost or being hit and killed by a car because he did not have a good recall. 


Unfortunately, the problem is that no matter how much you love your dog and how well-intentioned you are, if you do not have the right skills, knowledge, and experience, you will most likely end up with a problem dog. Training is not something your dog wants; it is something your dog needs to become a better pet companion, and it is critical for his survival, just as water and oxygen are.


Many people neglect training because they may see it as inconvenient, unnecessary, expensive, or think their dog is better off with them instead getting the help of a professional dog trainer. BIG MISTAKE! Choosing to leave their dog untrained today can lead to costly problems in the future, such as aggression toward people and other animals, resulting in a potential lawsuit, expensive hospital bills, or with your dog having to be put down because of behavior problems, plus the added stress that results from situations like these.


Untrained dogs are not only at high risk for early death and expensive vet bills, but they're also at high risk for a loss of friends and family and can be dangerous to you and your loved ones. When you put this all together, you will realize that the money you have to pay to replace the carpet urinated on by your dog is the least of your problems when you know it is not the only cost you have to pay by choosing to leave your dog untrained. Add to this the mental cost you have to pay because of the stress generated by a dog you cannot trust around people. What about your family's peace and the time-consuming task of chasing a dog that won't come all over the neighborhood. Aren't dogs supposed to be "a man's best friend?". The truth is, no. Only adequately raised and trained dogs have the potential to become the dog we all dream to have.


King Solomon wrote, "If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed, but skill will bring success" Ecclesiastes 10:10. The principle of that text, which you can apply in any field, is that if you don't stop to sharpen your ax, you will end up laboring more and accomplishing less. In other words, when you make decisions and act all on your own and without wisdom and knowledge, you will have a more challenging time and spend more of your limited energy accomplishing less than ideal results. 


Unfortunately, that is what happens with most dog owners. They don't know how to train dogs because they lack the proper knowledge, patience and skills. Consequently, that dream of a dog they wanted to have becomes the problem they want to get rid of because of behavioral issues.


Today you can be wise by choosing to make a difference in getting the right help you need to train your dog. Don't make the same mistake twice by doing the same thing that brings you no results. Instead, try something new and proven. Get a canine coach that can help you. Shorten the gap in knowledge and get faster and more reliable results. Positive change is possible if you grow and learn. With our dog training program, we'll teach your dog everything from obedience, problem-solving, and social skills to tricks & stunts so you can have your dream dog. Request a FREE consult  in the form below, and discover the great things possible when you get the right help.



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