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Our advanced training program is the third level of dog obedience we offer.  Dogs who complete this level of training behave better,  and are ready to participate in a variety of AKC sports and events. The program integrates the curriculum of the AKC Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI) program and the Advanced level of the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen (CGC) known as the AKC Community Canine which you can download below on pdf for more information.


During the course of the program, we will work closely with you to help your dog master each learned skill well and to be reliable in different situations. The program is very practical in nature and has many applications in real life.

Below are some of the details of what your dog will learn during the training sessions on top of the skills required to pass the Advanced CGC test and the Intermediate Trick Dog test. The program can be completed through private lessons or a combination of private and board and train.

  • During this program, all behaviors learned at the basic and intermediate level will be generalized and proofed using the three Ds of dog training:  Duration, Distance, and Distraction.

  • Advanced Recall games

  • Advanced Long-leash distance work, including stay and recall

  • Focus heel 

  • Sit - in motion

  • Down - in motion

  • Multi-Angled Finish - calling to a sit in heel position from the standard front position as well as any other angle or from a distance 

  • Learning to stay in place in heavy distraction

  • Complete Off-Leash Obedience - this takes commitment on your part  

  • Distance Training - commands given off-leash from long distances

  • AKC Rally Obedience exercises 

  • Fun Agility exercises


  1. You get UNLIMITED LIFETIME support and also private mentoring in person, via phone, video conferencing or email.

  2. Improved reliability and self control in your dog at advanced levels

  3. 25 % discount on any of our current and future training programs we will be adding beyond this level such as service and therapy dog training.

  4. Special boarding price of $ 25 dollars per day when you need travel and need someone to care for your dog. When boarding with us, we continue to reinforce and practice what your dog has learned.

    We address different dog behaviors problems at this level.

    Exclusive training material to help your dog maintain this level of success and continue thriving.

  5. More value for your money

  6. We provide all the treats during the training lessons

  7. After finishing this program, your dog will be prepared to take and pass the American Kennel Club CGCA (Canine Good Citizen Advanced) and the Intermediate Trick Dog test.


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