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Our board and train curriculum is designed for dogs with little to no training. The program is well suited for owners who are traveling or going on vacation and need to board their dog anyway. It is also a great fit for busy families who dream of having a well-trained dog or puppy who can be taken anywhere. During the course of 2 weeks of training, we take each dog who boards and trains with us through our BASIC OBEDIENCE program or a customized version of it in the case of dogs who have already taken some obedience with other dog trainers and can demonstrate what they have learned during when you request a consult. This program is not suitable for dogs with aggression. For dogs with behavioral problems, we offer a personalized curriculum. You can request an evaluation of your dog following this link HERE to learn more.


  • Faster Results
    Rather than training once per week in private lessons, your dog gets to learn and practice several times a day every single day during a period of 2 weeks, learning directly from a professional dog trainer. The board and train program included 3 short private lessons of approximately 45 minutes with you, to teach you the skills your dog has learned and how to maintain behaviors. The first of the 3 lessons will take place the day you pick up your dog.

  • Controlled Therapeutic Environment
    A controlled therapeutic environment, free of stress and distractions for your dog, is a key element to establish a good foundation in dog training. This makes it easier for your canine friend to form positive associations while we guide and reinforce the good behaviors that will help to set your dog for success.

  • Less Stress On You

Forming good habits and establishing a reliable way to communicate with your canine friend can be a challenging task and turn out boring for you in the early stages of dog training because of the amount of repetition and practice that are required to establish new behaviors. In this program we make that process easier for you by establishing the foundation your dog needs, to later teach you how to build upon it and maintain it.

  • Enhanced Customization

While all dogs share many things in common among them, just as humans do, all of them are unique in their own way. The time we get to spend with dogs in the course of two weeks of board and train, we get to know them better and on a deeper level. We also get to see and understand each dog's unique patterns of behavior so we can target specific problems and implement practical solutions to address them.

  • Plenty of socialization 

Our 2 weeks board and train program gives your dog the opportunity to socialize safely and to get plenty of good experiences that will help build his/her social skills with different dogs, people, and children which is something many dogs don’t get to have nowadays given the busy schedule of many families.

  • Private mentoring

We live in a youtube age where people have access to a lot of information one click away. Unfortunately, this overload of information, rather than being helpful, confuses people more, creating more stress and problems. No matter how many videos you watch online unless you have a mentor to guide you, you won't do any better. We don't undervalue the benefit of technology or online information, but that is not a substitute for in-person guidance, which is a benefit you obtain with us and for LIFE when you sign up for this program. That is right, FOR LIFE. Meaning, you will never have to pay again to ask questions, have a consult, or if you have doubts about dog training. We offer you the support you need to make your life and the life of your dog better.


  1. You get UNLIMITED LIFETIME support and also private mentoring in person, via phone, video conferencing, or email.

  2. Improved reliability and self-control in your dog at advanced levels

  3. 25 % discount on any of our current and future training programs we will be adding beyond this level such as service and therapy dog training.

  4. Special boarding price of $ 25 dollars per day when you need travel and need someone to care for your dog. When boarding with us, we continue to reinforce and practice what your dog has learned.

  5. We address various unwanted dog behaviors.

  6. Exclusive training material to help your dog maintain this level of success and continue thriving.

  7. More value for your money

  8. We provide all the treats during the training lessons

  9. After finishing this program, your dog will be prepared to take and pass the American Kennel Club CGC (Canine Good Citizen) or the AKC Puppy Star test depending on the dog and if there has been previous training that can be demonstrated.


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